Curing Equipment

Curing systems, equipment and components for the installation of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. HammerHead offers solutions for a range of curing methods: ambient air, hot-water, steam, and new Bluelight LED Curing System.


The Bluelight LED CIPP Curing System uses specially-formulated resin that cures only when exosed to LED light in the bluelight wavelength. This provides extended working time (days, weeks, months!) and the primary advantage of the Bluelight system is its curing speed – once exposed to the bluelight, the resin cures up to 5x faster than conventional methods. Instead of waiting hours for a liner to cure, it’ll be done in a fraction of the time allowing more jobs to be completed in a day.


  • Ambient Curing

    Ambient Curing (4)

    Ambient curing systems are simple to operate and an extremely economical solution to lateral lining. Simply invert the liner, then cap it off under pressure to let it cure. On larger projects where multiple services are lined, this system can increase your production by allowing you to move on to the next inversions. All that is required is additional curing caps and tanks. Perform multiple projects a day with the same crew!
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  • Hot Water Curing

    Hot Water Curing (4)

    Our compact and mobile hot water system increases your productivity while allowing you to work year round in colder climates. Expand your capabilities by choosing the right resin for your jobsite conditions, increasing your working time while decreasing your curing time.  

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